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2016 Sonning Regatta - best yet ??? It was fun!

Sonning Elegant Picnic 2016
What an amazing evening. A big special thanks to the following :
Our Hosts - Paula & Max - the fireworks were amazing.
Also everyone who donated raffle prizes, including:
The French Horn
The Coppa Club
The St George & Dragon
The Ivy
The Crown at Playhatch 

Sonning Regatta
A fun filled family event, with no experience necessary - you 
 just need to be able to swim! Enter a team, or enter yourself
 and come along to have an enjoyable time on the river with
 plenty of sustenance onshore!


Sonning Regatta 2016 video.mp4

2016 Regatta Video

See the 2016 action in this video...

And... for the first time - a display of local CHERISHED CARS

Sonning Cherished Car Show - 29th & 30th May 2016 (by John Woodhouse)

The first Festival Classic Car/Bike display for invited and locally owned cherished vehicles was judged to be a great success, the weather certainly helped. As the originator of the idea and the organiser I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to everyone involved. That includes the landowner and his family who gave permission to use the site, the business tenants who readily cooperated despite some impact on their normal activities and the owners and exhibitors who showed their cars and bikes at their best and spent much time answering many questions from the huge crowds that just kept coming! The collecting boxes in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance saw a lot of activity and I hope to be able to announce a significant sum raised when they have been counted.

Thanks are due also to the rest of the Regatta Committee for their support.

Lessons were learned on this first attempt and we hope to be back with an improved show in 2018!

Sonning Scarecrows - 29th & 30th May 2016

Tridon't winner of best scarecrow in its category! Well done to the Tridon't team...

Sonning Regatta - 28th May 2016

Not got a t-shirt - contact Lynn Woodhouse to order one...

Following a very successful 2016 regatta, preparations are now underway for the 2016 Sonning Elegant Picnic on the 9th July

Watch this site for more information as planning progresses and for the results of the 2016 regatta

The Site is now going back to wilderness for 2 years!

Final site clearance - didn't the site look wonderful...
An exhausted crew - but it was worth it.

A fantastic 2016 regatta!

What is a CATACANOE.mp4

So what is a CATACANOE?

They're new to this year's regatta and we've been asked many times. So to help show one in action we have the regatta committee's very own Dave McIlroy demonstrating his prowess at the hands of one of these fine craft...!

Elegant Picnic - 9th July 2016

The 2016 elegant picnic is on the 9th July in the grounds of Bishops Close by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs McNeill and is the  fundraising event for the biennial regatta.  This follows an excellent elegant picnic in 2015 in the grounds of South Hill, Sonning, by kind permission of Andrew Barker and Marjie Thorne (mainly agreed by Marjie!). The weather was great and a lot of fun was had with friends sharing plenty of food, drink and good music.

We're now on Facebook:


 The Regatta 2016

Following the success of what has become a biennial  event since 2002, the Regatta will again be held on the Oxfordshire bank of the river opposite Blue Coat School boat house just upstream of Sonning Lock.  A ferry will operate from this point, alternatively limited parking is available on site. A range of adult and children’s events will be held – no experience necessary.  Plenty of refreshments available, bring a picnic and keep fingers crossed for the weather again.